Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Piggy, where'd it all go wrong?

Happy inauguration day folks!

Man alive, we actually made it to this point. To mark the occasion here's a completely unrelated new song I wrote about a certain Piggy that outstayed its welcome. The last Struwwelpeter EP in anticipation of the nearly-done new album My Head Is Too Small For My Body is available from today via Bandcamp (stream below) featuring the exclusive extra track Mysterious Bruises with guest vocals by Laura-Beth as well as an alternate acoustic mix of the title track.

Gracias to Hannah Stevens of Weird Eye Collective for the painterly assistance with the EP cover art.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Trash begets trash

The first Speed update of 2021 comes with today's announcement of this year's Brussels Independent Short Film Festival: Courts Mais Trash Official Selection and programme. I'm happy to say I've had my trashy ass invited back after these fine folks gave Sunscapades a couple screenings back in 2019 - festivalgoers can catch Speed as the first film of their Opening screening alongside other Courts Mais Trash alum. All being well it will take place at Cinéma Aventure in Brussels on March 10th although I don't know the actual time just yet.

Going back a couple films it's worth mentioning that, in anticipation of some to-be-determined screening events in the summer, Bulgaria's Kinematograf NGO have furnished me with Bulgarian subtitles for my 2015 short Klementhro, which was mighty nice of them. So now you can share the poignant journey and emotional message of everyone's favourite paddle-enthusiast to all the Bulgarians in your life!

Monday, 11 January 2021

Visible Listenin'

Happy new year, gang. Hope you made it through the shackled season with some degree of merriment.

The first podcast we're putting out for 2021 is a new episode of Visible in Visuals, this time around focusing on working in the animation industry from the perspectives of an all-female panel. As always it makes for fascinating and, as a CIS white fella, revelatory listening - in fact if you've not yet caught up be sure to watch/listen back to the other panels Tanya and the team have been putting out in the interim, including Diversity and Inclusion in Animation: An LGBTQ+ PerspectiveA Discussion on Brexit and the recent Career Advice panel held at last year's Cardiff Animation Festival.

There are a whole bunch more panels in the pipeline, so if you want to be kept up to speed and maybe participate down the line be sure to follow them on Twitter.