Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cashin' In

While I endeavour to tie all the creative loose ends in my scattershot life, my new album "The Book of Women" is gradually garnering some positive feedback. I have an outline for a marketing plan that will be put into action in April (four months after the release, which is traditionally not the way to go but I just don't have the time right now). This will consist of the usual batch of associated merchandise, a mini-site and exclusive tracks/remixes, plus I'd ideally like to release it as a digital download to keep up with the yoof. Until then all's I have are two new poster prints, both with the same album cover artwork (which I blathered about last month) that's cropped for the actual CD but lends itself rather well to portrait dimensions.
There's a large print (35" x 23") and a medium print (20" x 16") both available to buy online. Pick one up and cover that blank space on your wall/door/soul!
As I'm always keen to jump on any opportunity to showboat, there are also posters available for two prior Struwwelpeter albums, one for the somewhat-nightmarish "Rapeseed" (2004) and three for the pinkier, bunny-ier "Agnosticaust" (2006):

Thursday, 20 January 2011


In my continued effort to keep the holiday season alive ('cause I just don't know when to let go) I'm happy to say there's another 2011 screening for "The Naughty List", this time at the 6th Athens Animfest. It's really nice to find this out as my second film "Ground Running" screened at the 4th edition back in '09. It's being shown as part of the Tributes 2011 Panorama section, haven't worked out the date/time just yet but check out their website and Facebook page for more info.
On another note I've finished the first of several supplemental showreels, these are spun off from my main showreel which kind of lumps all the animation stuff together. The idea being that I can submit tighter, more theme-specific reels when certain job applications call for it. Plan is to have one each for character animation, digital animation, motion graphics and VFX work, which will give me an excuse to create some new content in all those areas. In the meantime here's the first version of the character animation showreel (which features the first looks at some in-the-works projects such as Alpaca Gals and Erica):
Any thoughts always appreciated, especially if you can somehow use the opportunity to tell me how handsome and sympathetic a fella I am. Not sure how that would work exactly, but roll with it.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Woah. Happy new year to me...

The latest festival to inform me it's screening "The Naughty List" is a biggie, and in all honesty I'm kind of out-of-my-mind ecstatic to be a part of it. It's the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, one of the more coveted animation festivals out there and definitely in the top five of my fest wishlist. It's kind of like asking out the hottest girl in school because you figure there's nothing to lose, and despite all odds she actually says 'yes' (particularly welcome news as a couple of her younger, less glamorous/popular sisters had recently told me to piss off...okay, I'm bad with analogies).Another major benefit is, unlike most of the other higher-end festivals that have been a little too far away to feasibly attend (or the timing didn't pan out) the comparative locality of Germany hopefully means I'll get to be there in person. One of these years I was always going to head over there to check it out whether anything of mine was screened or not, so you can appreciate why I'm doubly-stoked to have the excuse.
A billion thanks for the inclusion and another round of gratitude for everyone who helped me get the fillum done. This has been a pretty great start to what'll hopefully be a pretty great year.