Friday, 1 June 2007

That Indescribable Love Between Man & Machine

I have a lightbox! In a prime example of right-place-right-time I managed to snag one second-hand from Philippe, one of the MA's prior students. And what a device she is.
That's right, I've assigned gender! That's how committed I am to this project.
As you may have gathered from the stilted visuals of the early lip-sync tests, working without one of these was never going to be an option. With the campus closed I would've been up shit creek all summer, so now that I have one of these babies this film actually stands a chance of being made. Hooray!
Have a gander at me cackhandedly explaining one of the most basic animation tests there is, the reaction shot (or 'the take').

I have a feeling Molly* and I will forge a tremendous union while working together. I also have a feeling that I may be losing my goddamn mind...

*That's right, I named it too. After Molly Parker. I live alone, I can do what the hell I want.

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