Thursday, 22 December 2011

Have a highly-defined Christmas, everybody!

While I imagine the expiry date on being allowed to pimp my seasonal animated short "The Naughty List" will be up by this time next year, I'm giving it one last gasp. From now on (either until the new year or possibly forever, depending on how well it goes down) the complete, unedited version of the film is available to watch in full 1080p HD. "Ooh" and, I'll hasten to add, "Aah".
Rather apt as the HD thing kind of plays a part in the story, also in consideration of my peers you can now see all the inconsistencies in the line work that SD went some way toward covering up.

Please watch it/share it/'like' it etc as you all see fit. Plus if you're a Vimeo member you can download the full-res file and keep it forever and ever! It's a not-entirely-selfless act of holiday benevolence on my part.
Goodwill to all!

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