Monday, 30 July 2012


First, let’s get the self-appreciation horseshit out of the way: “The Naughty List” will be on TV again next week (12:15pm Wednesday, August 8th) on Canal+ Xtra. I suspect the high degree of Catholicism in Spain may account for their showing of my Christmassy whimsy all the year round. I’m all for it.
Some good news on the Skwigly front, our podcast has gone and gotten itself an iTunes listing. Hurray, visibility! You can now subscribe and get each new one automatically, which will free up your valuable time no end! Yes, yes, of course - you’re very welcome.

Okay, now the cool part:
Hot on the heels of getting the unprecedented opportunity to interview Billy West, the man behind Stimpy (of “Ren & Stimpy”, which probably didn't need clarifying), I got the even unprecedentedder opportunity to talk to John Kricfalusi, the man behind the entire show and, by extension, the creator-driven cartoon revival it put in motion.
While I was able to interact with him very briefly at last year’s Encounters festival (by fortuitous happenstance he was a special guest at the very edition one of my films was screened at) this interview was an amazing experience to hear all manner of firsthand anecdotes and recollections from his career and, surreally, watch him ‘pitch’ his latest short film idea to me live over Skype.
Obviously it’s not me he’s pitching to specifically, but the public in general. It’s being crowdfunded and boasts probably the most exciting array of incentives I’ve seen. Granted, I adore the Spumco universe so it’s kind of tailored to my taste, but I strongly urge any cartoon, illustration or film enthusiast to check it out and maybe toss a few sheckels in its direction.

Of course you can expect to read and listen to the interview in the very near future on Skwigly and our above-mentioned podcast respectively. Stay tuned!
John Kricfalusi's fine immortalisation of yours truly, overlooking my liquor cabinet all classy-like...

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