Wednesday, 5 June 2013

One For The Road

The latest podcast is a little delayed and goes by a smidge quicker than usual, but I was quite keen to get it out there as otherwise there'd be no time on my plate to get it done before July. For its brevity it's chock-full of all that good animationey shiznit - Steve talks to Brian Cosgrove some more and new Skwigly contributor Laura-Beth chats with Marc Roels, co-director of the breakaway festival hit "Oh Willy...". We also talk about Disney Princess dolls and other equally manly subjects. Download here, subscribe here or stream below:

Or do all three. Or none of the above, if you can live with the image of my doe-eyed disappointment.
Can you? Eh? Can you live with yourself?!
Of course not, I'm too adorable.

Also up on Skwigly now is a written interview with Warwick Burton and Isabel Peppard, producer and director respectively of the stop-motion Australian horror fairytale "Butterflies". It's a wonderful parable of the tragedy of letting one's creativity die out, something I've witnessed a fair amount in friends I've worked and studied with in the past who, for whatever reason, didn't stick it out. Isabel has also worked on the brilliant Adam Elliot film "Mary & Max" and certainly knows her stuff. The film's doing really well and knock wood I'll be able to catch up with them both in person next week at Annecy. You can read the interview over on Skwigly now:
"Butterflies" - Q&A with Warwick Burton and Isabel Peppard

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