Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Libidinous Fruition

Grand news to report, in that Love, Lust and Libido, the Skwigly screening I put together with the lovely Ms. Laura-Beth went down a treat last night. Great turnout and audience response, hopefully we enlightened some folks. Here's the final film list as screened:

Yeah Just There
Dir. Grant Orchard

Amourette/Lust to Dust
Dir. Maja Gehrig

Teat Beat of Sex – Kirby
Dir. Signe Baumane

Dir. Marcus Wende

Dir. Tor Fruergaard

Divina Lomax
Dir. Òscar Julve
Little Deaths
Dir. Ruth Lingford

Dir. Joseph Mann

Teat Beat of Sex – Hair
Dir. Signe Baumane

Dir. Michal Socha

The Banjo String
Dir. Matt Oxborrow

Dir. Barry Purves
Teat Beat of Sex – Envy
Dir. Signe Baumane

El Gato
Dir. Galen Pehrson

Base Wanking
Dir. Ross Butter

How to Make Love to a Woman

Dir. Bill Plympton

There's a good chance it might get some repeat showings at other venues around the UK, though probably with a tweaked playlist (El Gato was CineMe's contribution and a couple of the others only granted one-time screenings). Many thanks to James from CineMe for his assistance and Ed from...I'm not sure where, but he helped get us set up on the night. Special thanks of course to the filmmakers themselves and to Laura-Beth for coming up with the main idea. Here are some more of the online flyers I slapped together to promote the event in the days leading up to it:

Also on Skwigly this week is an exclusive video from our recent British Animation Awards coverage in which we interview finalists Tim o’Sullivan (Sarah and Duck, Karrot Entertainment), Bjørn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor (Everything I Can See From Here, The Line), Gergely Wootsch (The Hungry Corpse, Beakus), Mark Nute (Laish – ‘Carry Me’):

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