Thursday, 7 April 2016

Visdüm Tooten

Still need painkillers but at least the swelling's going down
After months of needless delays I've finally had my shitting bastard wisdom tooth pulled. It's been a thorn in my arse every few months for the past couple years and I was cheerfully informed in my drooling, post-extraction haze that the removal couldn't have gone worse and as such the inside of my head has so many stitches Jennifer Chiaverini could write a goddamn novel about it. I was hoping to get to keep the tooth afterward so I could occasionally take it out and taunt "Haha, shithead, I beat you in the end!" but apparently it came out in like fifty different pieces that then each splintered off into fifty more different pieces, so I was denied even that simple joy. As such I find myself nursing a more swell't head than usual and taking painkillers to the point of potential liver damage. Luckily I have the new Don Hertzfeldt Blu-ray to take my mind off it.
While I was stoned off my gourd at the clinic yesterday the latest Skwigly Podcast went up, this one featuring Felix Massie who is presently working at Nexus on the latest Google Spotlight Stories project Rain or Shine. This comes on the heels of some highly-acclaimed work such as Keith Reynolds Can't Make it Tonight and the particularly excellent In The Air is Christopher Gray.
Also discussed amongst Steve and myself are the usual pertinent industry issues such as which is the better Batman and why 'College Jock' and 'Tube Steak' are both in my search history. It's a fun one, bung it on and brighten your day, why doncha?
As always you can direct download and/or subscribe.
I also spent last weekend gleefully revisiting the old 90s video game chestnut Day of the Tentacle which has been reissued with updated graphics (blessedly it's the same design and animation, just traced over for HD resolution purposes) and all sorts of goodies. I've also put up a review of the original game and its new incarnation that in part borrows from an earlier post on here. All in all my appreciation for the subject remains the same as it did in 2007.
Some more Klementhro news - the film's next stops on the Kurzfilmnacht Schweiz tour will be this Friday 8th in Baden-Wettingen with the evening's screenings kicking off at 7pm at the Kino Orient, with another showing the following evening (the 9th, which to be fair most of you could have worked out yourselves) in Aarau at the Kino Center Schloss, again starting at 7pm.
More immediately, however, the film will play tonight in the Czech Republic at the Prague Rock Café at 7:30pm as part of AniScreen's series of thematically-curated screening nights. I clocked this by happenstance at the last minute so apologies for the short notice, but to whoever might be reading this in Prague (it's a very light shade of green on my stats map, I'll concede) that fancies something to do tonight then swing on by!
A bit of a tease to end on is that I cheerily note a certain handsome, wall-eyed ginger appears to show up in the pocket guide for this year's edition of ITFS Stuttgart. What might that mean, I asks ya? Stay tuned...

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