Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How about a little music?

Following on from our end-of-year special back in December, I've launched a new Skwigly podcast series Animation Composed, a celebration of the harmonious relationship between music and animation.
In our first episode co-host Wez and I explore the musical side of some favourite animated shorts, including Le Clitoris (Dir. Lori Malépart-Traversy), Lonely Bones (Dir. Rosto) and Analysis Paralysis (Dir. Anete Melece) among others.
We also meet Paris-based composer  Mathieu Alvado, whose work spans over 50 short films including the recent animated projects To Build A Fire (Dir. FX Goby, Nexus) and The Inspector and the Umbrella (Dir. Maël Gourmelen). Having studied at the Bordeaux Conservatory, the Saint Maur des Fossés Conservatory and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Mathieu has received three Jerry Goldsmith awards and collaborated with numerous ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Paris Symphonic Orchestra.
Full playlist:
  • Overture (To Build A Fire) – Mathieu Alvado
  • Anton im Kaufhaus (Analysis Paralysis) – Ephrem Leuchinger
  • Theme from Boris-Noris – Ben Mitchell
  • Une bonne petite souris (Quenottes/Pearlies) – Mathieu Alvado
  • Building A Fire (To Build A Fire) – Mathieu Alvado
  • Clitoris Magnificus (Le Clitoris) – Eliazer Kramer
  • Lonely Bones – Thee Wreckers
  • Wings and Oars – Pierre Yves Drapeau
  • End Credits (The Kiosk) – Ephrem Leuchinger
  • The Inspector and the Umbrella – Mathieu Alvado
  • New Fire (To Build A Fire) – Mathieu Alvado
  • End Credits (To Build A Fire) – Mathieu Alvado
  • Reprise (The Inspector and the Umbrella) – Mathieu Alvado

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