Saturday, 28 February 2009

Get Literate!

Ah, Ben Mitchell - man about town, Jesus/hobbit lookalike, connoisseur of fine DVD box-sets - and now, graphic novelist!Hurray! I finished the 'House Guest' graphic novel! It took quite a bit longer than I would've thought, but free time is not the concept it once was back in the day. I really didn't want this to die on the vine so I persevered with it during the little chunks of free time I could find and incrementally it came together.
For the last stage of getting the book together, I called upon Jo Hepworth, fittingly enough as she was the main animation assistant on the original film. As she helped out so much with the cleanup and colouring for most of the source artwork, I'd intended to credit her on the cover anyway. Luckily she was able to assist even further by doing all the lettering. As I was dissatisfied with the look of the font in the dialogue balloons, and as my own handwriting is on a par with that of the criminally insane, it was great to enslave Jo once again for my zombie duck storytelling purposes. Just when she thought she was out...
Replacing the typed text with Jo's lettering to give it more of a proper comic-book look.

She also took the time to pen the afterword for the book, as I had one page going spare and wanted to give potential readers a break from my own ramblings.
At any rate, I'm very happy and excited and will hopefully be able to reach another audience with the story now that it's a comic as well as a film.
You can check it out on Lulu by clicking here.
It's available as a standard paperback, or you can buy a digital download version if you're into the environment - plus, hey, it's cheaper.

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