Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Greece Running

I don't know what it is about them lovely Greek folks, but my teensy-weensy film 'Ground Running' has been chosen for another Grecian festival.
I was a little surprised to hear about this as I had stopped sending the film out a while back with the intention of tweaking it some more. I guess it's an indication of how slow the process is between sending stuff off and hearing back. Generally the festivals don't even get in touch if films aren't considered, which is actually better than getting the polite, template 'no, fuck off' email as you can just put it out of your mind once it's sent off.Anyhoo, it'll be screened as part of the 4th Athens Animfest at the Ilion Cinema. Also included in the same International Panarama screening is my friend Sara's lovely film 'Wherever You Go, There You Are', so I can personally vouch for at least one-eighths of the afternoon's entertainment.
The 'Panarama A' screening starts at 4pm on Saturday April 4th. For more info check out their website or download the schedule here.

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