Friday, 1 June 2012

Yep. Definitely have a cold. There goes the weekend...

Good news regarding the short film side of things (remember back when that was something I did?), there'll be a double screening of my cartooney cheeriness this month at Porto7 Oporto International Short Film Festival which takes place in Portugal from June 13th-17th. This rather happily marks the Portuguese debut of "The Naughty List" some 58 festivals down the line (ditto for "Ground Running", which is also being screened, although the in-progress version did get some Portuguese exposure a few years back). Happier still, however, is that between my three films to date this will officially be the one-hundredth festival event to publicly screen my work! Yay for triple-digits!
While I don't see a parade in my honour coming this way I suppose I'll have to settle for some type of sense of personal achievement, in accomplishing something I - and I'm sure a fair few others - never thought possible. On top of that it serves as something to show for nearly four years of sticking with an industry that has taken a massive slug to the gut, entirely on my own.
But a parade would've been nice. Just sayin'.
Or failing that, maybe something that resembles enthusiasm from the direction of a few more of these locally-based animation studios. That'd be nice too. I'm right here, folks! Animator for hire!
OH WELL, keeping things positive I'm sincerely flattered as always that there are still places out there willing to give me some exposure, especially as production has begun proper on "Bullies" after its 'get "Throat" finished'-induced hiatus. Speaking of which, here's a little glimpse at an in-progress line test. What a shock, it's something of mine that features unnecessary nudity...

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