Monday, 28 November 2016

Something indie this way comes
Now that Intimate Animation has wrapped up, today I've finally gotten off my photogenic behind and started a long-in-the-works new Skwigly podcast strand Independent Animation to tie-in more directly with my book. The first episode is nothing special - just a basic introduction to the podcast itself, plus a reading of the actual (abridged) introduction to the book - although what I have planned for the next few will hopefully take things in an exciting new direction, presenting future case studies in more of a documentary format similar to the presentation of the book itself rather than the usual 'talkshow' style podcasts we've done so far. Knock wood in the next one I'll be hearing from some of the talents involved in the second Late Night Work Club (an initiative that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of modern indie animation) anthology Strangers that launched today.
Until then, however, have a listen to my solo ramblings; it can only go up from here:
Should you so desire this episode is available to download.
The timing works out rather well as today the publishers are having a site-wide #CyberMonday sale, and until tomorrow you can pick up a copy of the book with 25% knocked off the price! Not too shabby, eh? Especially considering the holidays are just around the corner and you doubtless have many hard-to-buy-for animation enthusiasts in your life.
Well, worth a shot. If you feel so inclined you can buy it over on the CRC website, but act fast; Cyber Monday, one assumes, comes but once a year.

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