Friday, 24 November 2017

It's the most cynical time o' the year...

Already losing hair over the impending nightmare of holiday shopping? Aghast at how miserably difficult-to-buy-for the comic'n'animation enthusiasts in your life insist on being?
Well fret not, you downers, because Uncle Ben* is here to ease your burden. Have I got some Black Friday deals for you!
Firstly if you're in the mood for some graphic novels (and why wouldn't you be?) you can head on over to my store and pick up anything there for a juicy 30% off! Merely enter code LULU30 at checkout. Bear in mind this is valid today (November 24th) only, so act fast lest you feel forever empty.
If it's something non-fictioney yet still quite cartooney you're after, then you could do worse than pick up Independent Animation: Developing, Producing and Distributing Your Animated Films. If you enter code LMT02 at checkout not only do you get a cool 20% knocked off the price but there's also FREE shipping thrown in! Plus this deal goes on throughout the rest of the month, so you're granted some extra mulling time. 'Tis the season, after all.

*Not affiliated with any pre-existing Uncle Ben or other brand that may operate under the Mars, Inc umbrella. Ho ho ho!

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