Friday, 5 June 2009

Something for the ol' CV...

I was very stoked to find that 'House Guest' has managed to pick up a 'Best Animation' award at one of the recent festivals, ScreenTest.
Bizarrely, though, said festival took place in March and they only just recently got in touch to tell me.
Even more bizarrely, I wasn't even told that the film got in at all, so I wasn't there for the screening or the ceremony. Ordinarily, time and money mean I can't go to each festival with 'House Guest' on its official selection list, but in this case it's a real shame as it was a Bristol-based festival and, as such, within walking distance of my apartment.
Anyway, it's probably for the best as, had I been in attendance at the award ceremony and gone up to receive it, I would have given the most inappropriate, protracted, Gwyneth Paltrow-esque acceptance speech and made everybody want to commit seppuku.
Irregardless (which, apparently, is a real word), I'm very proud and happy that it went down well. Now I have several choices in front of me - do I change my first name to 'Award-Winning Animator Ben', or my last name to 'Mitchell, Award-Winning Animator'?
Or I could change my first name to 'Smug' and my last to 'Douchebag'. That was my mother's personal favourite.

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