Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bruce Campbell would be proud...

In a couple of weeks the Netherlands will be exposed to a vast panoply of grim, underground, seedy cinema via the self-proclaimed trashfest that is the 'B.U.T. Film Festival'. In amongst the appropriately gritty shorts and indie flicks is a delightful romp wherein a lovable duck finds himself the !!*>>>'House Guest'<<<*!! of a curmudgeonly hunter.
I am a shameless fool.
This whole festival really looks like my cup of tea. Cheesy horror, low production values and lots of good wholesome fun. As ever I can't go, but I've been looking around and spotted some interesting inclusions, such as 'Dark Reel' (nice to see Ed Furlong and Tony Todd still around), Bill Plympton's 'Idiots & Angels' and 'Hot Dog', as well as a guest appearance by John Waters.
'House Guest' will be part of the Short Film Block B screening, starting at 4pm on Sunday 13th at the Electron building. To get that information in the form of colourful blocks, you can have a gander at the program schedule below:

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