Monday, 10 August 2009

Feeling Festive

Just to follow up on some of the recent festival news, I now have dates and times for when each one will be showing ‘House Guest’. I figured that, rather than post a separate entry for each one as I found out, it’d be better to just go through them in one post. Excessive blogging is very wasteful to the environment, doncha know…
Fresh Film Fest will include the film as part of their ‘Ordinary Madness’ panorama screening at 10:15pm on Friday, August 14th. More info here.
The Monterrey International Film Festival screens ‘El Invitado’ at 6:30pm on Saturday 22nd, at 9pm on Tuesday 25th and at 4pm on Thurday 27th. All screenings are at the MM Cinemas Leones, screen 8.
Among the other films included is a personal favourite of mine, ‘Our Wonderful Nature’ by Tomer Eshed. If you can’t make the festival I’d recommend you go ahead and watch it on Youtube. It puts the kibosh on any possibility of ‘House Guest’ winning a prize, but it cracks me up regardless. This is the kind of film I’d love to be able to do a few years down the line.
At BornShorts in Denmark, the film is being shown at The Old Mill on friday 28th. The screening starts at noon, for further info and a complete schedule go here.
At the Busho Film Festival ‘House Guest’ will be screening as part of their Informational Screenings throughout the festival, 2nd-4th September. Truth be told I’m a little unclear as to how this will be presented, but the festival can be contacted at their website for more info.

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