Friday, 21 August 2009

Skill-et Accreditation

More good news in regard to my zombie duck's gradual world takeover, 'House Guest' is one of the films included as part of the Film Skillet International Film Contest. I'm very excited as it's a great opportunity for the film to be viewed by a potentially large online audience, and getting it seen is really what I'm after. That being said, I'm not above admitting that two boxes of ziti wouldn't be a tremendous help in these lean times.
It's a pretty standard process, the general public and filmmakers/producers alike can cast a vote per category (comedy, drama, documentary and, in my case, animation). I don't want to rally votes here, but I'd encourage everyone to check the whole contest out as a lot of the other films are pretty decent and you'll have a jolly old time watching some free entertainment if you visit the site. To vote I think you need to register, but it takes no time at all, is completely free and it's a great means of networking with other filmmakers and producers.
Watch 'House Guest' online!

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