Thursday, 19 May 2016

The podcast that wouldn't die

Don't want to fall behind on the updates, so here are our latest Skwigly podcasts for May if you've not yet chanced upon them yet. Both of these feature the wonderful Laura-Beth taking time out of her busy MA to speak with the excellent filmmaker Conor Whelan (director of the enchanting Snowfall) and Joe Brumm (whose work includes the short film The Meek and some of CollegeHumor's most popular animated skits, including Tinderella and Paperman Threesome). Laura-Beth and I also go through some of the Stuttgart official selections that stood out the most, including some fantastic work by Chloé Alliez, Erik van Schaaik and Joost Lieuwma among others, while regular co-host Steve and I discuss animation highlights from CIFF, creepy animated propaganda, animation's debatably racist roots, upcoming films and festival etiquette.
The latest episode brings us up to 50 shows. Back in the days when we first began, where I'd grumble about crap like the Road Runner and Steve was obsessed with listmaking (we've both come so far), I don't think either of us thought it would last this long. Thanks to all for the support over the years and here's to another fifty!
Stream below, subscribe or, if you want to save them for later, download episodes 49 and 50 respectively.

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