Monday, 13 March 2017

My Crowd
Another March screening for Klementhro has snuck its way into the schedules. The kind folks at Bilbao's Animakom Fest have chosen to include it in their screening Krazykom, a "screening of crazy short films" that will take place after the main award ceremony. If any Animakom-goers fancy checking it out it will be at 11pm March 18th at the BBF Dock. Gracias!
Now to steer the discussion towards a couple of other films I tainted with my involvement. Firstly the never-not-wonderful Jo Hepworth has released her short film The Urban Fox (that may very well feature a couple of tracks from The Birdcage playing in the background) online:
This one wasn't pushed much at festivals, though some of you may have seen it at KLIK! last year or my MAF screening back in 2015. Either way, you can see it now in all its glory. I chatted with Jo a bit about making the film as part of my series of KLIK! podcast minisodes last year, have a listen below: Another film worth keeping your eyes open for is Laura-Beth Cowley's thesis film Boris-Noris that I did some post-production work on. It was just finished this past January but there are a few festival appearances already lined up, the first of which will be at Allentown, Pennsylvania's Alternative Gallery for the Open World Animation Festival. Here's a trailer to whet your whettables:
The festival kicks off on March 23rd and runs until the 26th. I'll post up upcoming, closer-to-home screenings as they come along but in the meantime (or for those of you who may be on that side of the pond already) you can learn more at the fest's event page.

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