Friday, 17 March 2017

That Gaston really was a dreamboat
In episode 69 of the Skwigly Animation Podcast we welcome back Graham Annable, Oscar-nominated co-director of LAIKA's 2014 feature The Boxtrolls. As well as his involvement with LAIKA Studios, Graham is also the creator of the comic/animation series Grickle, sustained through Patreon. His prior work includes stints at Telltale Games, LucasArts, Nickelodeon and Disney.
Also discussed in this episode: Oscar wins, Beauty and the Beast quasi-controversy, the pleasantly surprising look of the Duck Tales reboot, shows best left forgotten, the cancellation of Tim Minchin’s Larrikins and LAIKA CEO Travis Knight’s surprising new career direction.
Listen to it, gosh darn you:
You may remember a couple years back we interviewed Luc Chamberland about a rather spiffing NFB documentary he made about Canadian cartoon artist Seth. You don't? FFS. Fine, here it is again then:
Anyhoo, it's now out on DVD with some extra bells and whistles. It's a great package, have a read of my full review here and keep your eyes open for it.
If that's put you in the consuming mood here's a spiffy deal to brighten up your impending weekend - from now until the end of March you can nab a copy of my book Independent Animation: Developing, Producing and Distributing Your Animated Films with a big chunky 20% knocked off the list price!
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'Cause I loves ya so much, thass'why.

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