Monday, 12 April 2021

Jabberin' on

Something to perk you up during this mostly-overcast springtime is the beginning of a brand new season of our podcast series Intimate Animation. In this episode Laura-Beth speaks with sensational director Shoko Hara whose Oscar-longlisted animated documentary Just A Guy, exploring the complex world of women sexually attracted to violent sociopaths (specifically Richard Ramirez), has been doing the rounds at some of the biggest festivals out there as well as our recent Skwigly Screening for Cardiff Animation Nights where it got some tongues wagging. 

We also discuss the strangely hypocritical sexual politics of Space Jam 2, curious European IPs such as Monsieur Flap and John Dillermand, new series including Solar Opposites and the return of Big Mouth as well as short films of note from the CAN screening, TAAFI's recent online edition and this year's Annecy official selection. You can stream the full episode above or download here, though if you're tight on time right now here's a little Insta-preview:

If you're in a Skwigly mood you might also want to check out the full interview with recent Nexus signees Haein Kim and Paul Rhodes whose film Peepin was also part of the CAN screening. 

Another update regarding the Brussels Independent Short Film Festival: Courts Mais Trash whose final form will be as an online event and not a hybrid as previously hoped. The dates will be the same (April 21st-28th) and the full programme will be accessible via a super-cheap event pass, unless you live outside of Belgium in which case you'll be able to just see nine out of ten programmes so it's still a good deal. Thankfully Speed is part of the Ouverture screening which can be viewed worldwide, so y'all can breathe a huge sigh of relief on that front.

Speaking of festivals, I'm back on preselection for another edition of the illustrious Encounters Film Festival and it'd be mighty lovely to check out any new fillums you fine fillum-maker folks out there might have in the chamber. I've been fortunate enough to be involved in this particular event as a filmmaker, journalist, event host and curator (not all at once...well, sometimes a couple of those at once) and it's always a blast, so you could do a damn sight worse than checking out their call for entries. Incidentally you can watch my specially-filmed introduction to Speed's inclusion in last year's edition; it's sure to answer any burning questions you may have about the film:

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