Sunday, 11 March 2012

Getting The Lead Out

Assuming you've been able to pick yourselves up off the floor (doubtless struck down by the staggering originality of today's blog heading) here are some more examples of my strides taken with the ol' life drawing. And by 'strides' I really mean 'trembling, baby deer steps':

I'm gradually working through my issues with faces, using a less-is-more approach with women especially. I've also been taking some cues from the class organiser and attempting some more abstract approaches. These are from a few body-in-motion exercises, having the model's movements inform the curvature of the line work. They came out sort of caricature-ish, not the kind of thing I'd usually come up with so it was quite interesting in that respect:Here are some more with a male model, creating shapes using the joint positioning and weight distribution as a springboard:
While the scanner's on and the sketchbook's open, I may as well bung up a few more scribblings from going out with the Bristol Sketchers. Some standard stuff:

And some sketches from a recent Arnolfini exhibition to end on:

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