Sunday, 4 March 2012

They're moles. Not condoms. So I've been told.

Something musical for you all, this is a video I worked on recently for the German band Die Ärzte. It's for the lead single "zeiDverschwÄndung" off their next album which, now I'm seeing it all put together and not in little chunks, is pretty darn catchy. They hadn't been on my radar but as far as I can tell they're pretty huge in Germany, as the number of views indicates.

Ordinarily I like to have this blog be just about personal projects and keep the commissioned work separate, however this kinda falls more into the category of pitching-in with mates for the fun of it than 'work' work. I mainly did compositing and VFX with a few snatches of animation thrown in here and there. It was directed by Tine Kluth, also a bit of a legend down Germany way and the only animator I've ever met who can competently dance. Her website is barren but, in the hope that one day it won't be, check her out here.

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