Friday, 5 August 2016

Whens and Wheres

Screening updates! Here are the next stops for weary world traveler Klementhro:
The film's Canadian debut will take place at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art as part of the Animaze Animation Festival's screening Human Nature on Friday August 19th at 3pm. It's among some excellent work including Peter Baynton's Weather the Storm and recent podcast guest Joe Brumm's The Meek. You can buy single screening tickets (or full festival passes if you fancy making a proper long weekend of it) here.
A couple weeks later it will be part of the International Animation Panorama at Busho Vision 12: The Budapest Short International Film Festival over in Hungary. The screening takes place at Örökmozgó Filmmúzeum, beginning at 4:30pm September 3rd, so mosey on over if you find yourselves in Budapest that day. The lovely folks at Busho screened my first film House Guest way back in 2009, so much love and warm hugs for having me back, so to speak.

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