Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fantasy, desire, libido and the mechanics of tramway operation
Today myself and Laura-Beth are launching the first of a brand new podcast series over on Skwigly. Titled Intimate Animation, the plan is for it to start life as a six (or ten, we'll see how it goes) part miniseries that will go up on alternate weeks to the regular podcast I do with Steve. Expanding the podcasts to separate series is something we'd passively planned on doing since day one so I'm glad this is finally in motion, it should pave the way for a handful of other additional podcast series we've been developing that'll focus on other specific areas within animation.
This first new venture came from our mutual enthusiasm for animation that takes on themes of love, relationships and sexuality, sometimes way more effectively than live-action is able to. Some of you may recall - or even came along to - our Skwigly/CineMe event Love, Lust and Libido a couple years back, which collected together a whole host of films that prove that point, so there's a wealth of discussion material off the bat.
Structurally it'll be quite similar to the main podcast (at least to begin with) as far as combining discussion and interview segments. We've got a pretty long list of potential case studies and figured we'd kick things off by digging out a previously-unheard (in full) interview with Michaela Pavlátová, director of some superb films including the Annecy Cristal-winning Tram. Stream below or direct download here.

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